Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 29th 2012, Psalm 29

April 29th 2012 Psalm 29

Why do I want to blog about God's Word?

God's Word is so exciting.  I just want everyone to know how wonderful it is, He is.
God's Word gives me great joy and happiness and satisfaction.
God's Word is so wonderful.
God's Word is powerful, it changes hearts.
God's Word is trustworthy, when so much these days can not be trusted.
God's Word is Truth.
It is honorable.
God's Word is Holy and I should tremble at His Word.
God's Word rebukes me, when I need it.
God's Word is for everyone.
God's Word is so much fun!!!
God's Word can help me everyday in so many ways.
God's Word teaches me about Jesus and who He is and what He wants from me.
God's Word teaches me how He works and does things and how I can know Him.
God's Word heals me when I am broken hearted.
God's Word washes me clean.
God's Word picks me up when I need it.
God's Word is His love for me written down.
God's Word is so helpful.
God's Word give hope and encouragement, when there is none to see.
I want you to feel my excitement about His Word.
There is so much more about His Word and my list is an embarrassment to how wonderful it is, He is.
He did it all for us because He loves us forever Amen.

Why do I forgot how wonderful God's Word is?

Because I want to be my own boss.
I don't trust Him.
I want to have my way in things.
Sin can be fun for a season but then it is horrible and brings death.
I don't want to know the truth.
I am deceived.
I am afraid.
I would rather hid from God.
I would rather blame God.

Why do I run to mere men instead of God?

Why do I run to books that men write instead of God's book, the book of wisdom that stands the test of time.  Is it because I trust some person that God created, to know more than the One who created him or her.  Is it because I think it is more fun to read something else, more entertaining.  Help me put your book first and then read others later and only if they pass your test of reading only things that are of good report like Philippians 4:8-9 says.

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.

Why do we all think that men have the answers but God does not?

I don't know, Lord, because that is mixed up, help me to trust in You & Your Word.
Help others to be excited about Your Word.
Your Word is a person, Jesus Christ.
Your Word is alive.
Your Word changes hearts.
Your Word is powerful.

This is a little long and I haven't even gotten to Psalm 29.

I always pray that the Lord, the Great Teacher, will teach me what He wants me to learn.

Ok, a quick version of what I gather and what I need to learn and do from Psalm 29

1.  Ascribe to the Lord, the glory & strength due His name.
     Tremble before Him.
2.  Worship Him because all power & might & glory are Yours O' Lord.
3.  You oh Lord you control the storms (the weather & the storms of our daily life).
     You thunder with your voice wondrously, doing great things which we cannot comprehend.
     You control all things.
     You are sovereign.
4.  Your voice is powerful.
     You voice is majestic.
I had to stop and go listen to and sing the song Majesty.

That is one great song!!!

5.  Your voice O' Lord breaks the cedars, the cedars of Lebonon.
6.  Your voice makes mountains skip.
7.  The voice of my Lord can do anything, raise the dead, You speak and it happens.

I bow down to you and ask you to forgive me for failing you so much every day.
Please help me obey you.

8. We are at your mercy Lord.
    Help me fear You.
9.  You know when the deer and the mountain goats give birth.
     You know all things.
     You can strip the forests bare.
     All will bow down to you oh Lord.
10.  You are the one who brings the floods.
        You are King forever.
11.  You dear Lord are the one who gives us strength and peace and our every breath.

How can I keep my ways pure?

Psalm 119:11 By keeping it according to Your Word.

You oh Lord are rightly to be praised and I want to love you more.  Help me obey you, please.  I ask that you take special care of my children, all 5 of them and draw them close to You and help them love Your Word.  Teach them Your ways, each day.  There is nothing better.  Keep them away from evil people and evil places.  Help them love Your Truth.  I pray this for all my family members.  Help me pray for each family member by name through out my day.  Show me what to pray for them.  Help me to be sensitive to the needs of others.  Help me love You and others more than I love my self, because I don't right now but I know I need to.  Give me a love for Your house and Your people.  Help me to love Truth.  Your Word is Truth.  Help me tremble at your word.  Help me love your ways.  I pray these things in Your precious name.  Amen

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