Friday, April 27, 2012

April 27th 2012, Psalm 27

God's Word is so precious and I like to pray to Him as I read it because then I know I am praying His will.  God is so good and I am so unworthy.  He says that because of Jesus, I can come boldly to His throne of grace.  So I come boldly but humbly, so undeservingly.  This is while reading Psalm 27.  Have a great day.  

Dear Lord,

Thank you thank you for all you do and that you are my light and my salvation.
Help me to fear you and no one else.
Lord, You are the defense of my life, thank you for that.
You protect me from evil doers.
Help my heart not fear but trust you.
Help my confidence be in You oh Lord.
Oh dear Lord, help me see you and help me want what you want.
Help me love Your house.
Help me to sing praises to You, You alone are worthy of my praise.
You are so gracious to me, thank you!
Help me seek Your face.
Please don't be angry with me, though I deserve Your anger, I'm so sorry.  
Help me be so sorry that I strive to please You and not myself.
You have been my help and you have not abandoned me, thank you!
Thank you Jesus for what You have done for me, because of You, I have salvation. 
I trust that You do what Your Word says.  
You are the living Word.
My Mother and Father have NOT forsaken me, thank you for them, they are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.  I am so thankful for them and for all my family.
Teach me Your ways oh Lord and teach me Your Word.
Help me tremble at Your Word.
It is alive and it changes hearts.
Thank you so much for Your Word.
I love Your Word, it is so wonderful.
Lead me in your level path.
Help my hope be in You oh Lord.  
Thank you for the encouragement of Your Word. 
You are so good and all that you do is good.  
I ask you to take special care of my children, all 5 of them and bless them, protect them and draw them all so close to You.  
Thank you for them.  What a blessing they are.

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