Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 28th 2012, Psalm 28

Psalm 28 Saturday April 28th 2012

God's word is so wonderful and I learn so much reading it.  This is the short condensed version of what I learned from reading Psalm 28 this morning. 
His word is true and trustworthy and stands the test of time.   

1. God is my rock.
2. I may speak to Him from my heart.
3. I may ask to be treated special if I do right.
4. I am repaid according to my deeds.
5. I need to regard the deeds of the Lord and the works of His hands.
6. The Lord hears me when I obey Him.
    His sanctuary is holy.
7. The Lord is my strength.
    He is a shield about me.
    My heart trusts in Him.
    I am helped, so my heart exults and makes me want to sing and thank Him.
8. The Lord is my strength.
    He is a saving defense to His anointed.
9. I am God's inheritance.
    He is the Great Shepard and will carry me forever.  

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