Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1st 2012, Psalm 31:1-5

May 1st
Oh it is May Day.  Memories of homemade May baskets with flower and candy delivered.
Ringing the doorbell and running away before they grab you, hug and kiss you.
What fun memories!

Psalm 31 is longer so I will read 5 verses and see what I learn for today.

1.  Lord, please help me always take refuge in You so I will never be ashamed.
2.  Help me wait patiently for You.
     You are my rock, You give me strength.
     I want you to be my stronghold.  Help me get rid of all else that has a stronghold on me.
3.  You are my rock and fortress, do I live like you are.
      For Your sake, you lead me & guide me.
      You promised in Your Word that You would.
      You do not lie.  Do I believe this?  Do I live in trust that You are guiding and leading me?
4.  Wow, You will pull me out of a net that they secretly laid for me.
      I know you have done this for me many times.
      I don't remember reading this verse before though I know I have.
      This verse is wonderful to hear.  Oh thank you Lord that you are my protection.
      When I don't even know it.  You are so good.
      You are my strength.
5.   Into your hand I commit my spirit, willingly joyfully because I trust You.
      You have ransomed me.  Thank you for Jesus
      God Your name is Truth.

There is so much wonderful stuff in those 5 verses.  What joy to just know these things.  What we lose out on if we don't know these things.  God is for us and if so, who can be against us.  To summarize these 5 verses in my mind they say that God is my refuge, my rock, my strength, my stronghold, my fortress.  He guides me and leads me for His name sake.  He pulls me out of a net secretly laid for me.  He is my protection.  I belong to Him.  His name is Truth.  He is to be trusted.  He deserves to be praised.  He is so good!  Thank you Lord Jesus.

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