Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 19th, Psalm 40

Treasures that I can take with me throughout my day from Psalm 40.

If I wait patiently for the Lord, which is not easy to do, he will:
1) Lift me out of despair.
2) Set my feet on a rock.
3) Give me a firm place to stand.
4) Put a new song of praise in my mouth.
I need to Pray that many will see what the Lord does & fear & trust in Him.
Happy is the one who trusts in the Lord.
The Lord does many wonders.
There is none to compare with Him.
If I would declare & speak of His wonders they would be TOO numerous to count.
The Lord does not desire sacrifice & offerings.
To obey is better than sacrifice.
Help me to delight & desire to do Your will O my God.
You have put Your Law within our hearts.
Help me be excited and happy to speak about You to others.
The Lord is compassionate.
The Lord shows loving kindness.
God's truth continually preserves me.
Deliver me from my sin.
May those who do evil be ashamed, be humiliated, turned back and be dishonored & turn to You instead.
Magnify the Lord.
We are all afflicted and needy.  
The Lord is our helper and deliverer.

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