Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2nd 2012 Psalm 31:6-10

Notes: my bible time with my Lord

May 2nd, I'm writing what I learn when I read Psalm 31:6-10.  I'm doing Psalm 31 a few verses at a time to keep it short and sweet.  Lord, please teach me Your Word.  I pray in Your name. 

6.  I do hate when I or others regard vain idols and put them before You.  We all love things and people more than we love You and we put them before You and I just hate that because that is not what You want for me or for us.  Those things and people will not satisfy like you will and they will not give us what we are looking for.  They will disappoint us but You do not disappoint us and You are the one I need to put first in my life and in my heart.  Help me trusts in You Lord.  It is all a matter of who I trusts and do I really believe You?  Help me believe all You say and help me give my heart completely to you like David did in verse 5.  Help me please you.

7.  I do rejoice and I am glad in Your loving kindness, thank you.
You do see all my affliction.
You do see all the troubles of my soul.  You are my most intimate friend.  You know everything about me and still you love me, thank you Lord.  

8.  There have been times where I felt like I had an enemy and You were my protection and I knew that and it help ease my mind because I knew that you had my back so to speak.  Thank You for that.

9.  You are so gracious, even when we are in distress and wasted away in grief.  When our bodies and soul are so lifeless we can not hardly go on, I remember that you were so gentle and wonderful with me and You were my comfort when I could find none.  Thank you for Your Word and the hope it gives.

10.  It does seem like we have periods of time when our life is spent with sorrow and our year can be with sighing but in the midst of it we have You and we know that joy comes in the morning and we know that this too shall pass either here or in heaven with you.  
Our strength does fail because of sin in our lives and it causes my body to waste away but I have hope in You that You will continue to help me become more like You and get rid of sin in my life.  

I hate to stop on such a down note but you know, God's Word is not always flowers and sunshine.  It is Sonshine but not all sunshine.  Anyway, the truth is not alway fun to hear but it is necessary to hear.  So Brenda clean up the sin in your life moment by moment by dying to self, which is the only way to clean it up.  Only with His help can we conquer sin for good.  This takes surrender and dying which isn't fun.  It isn't easy but it is so worth it.  I know because I have conquered a few sin habits with His help.  Lord, help me want to obey You because I find that most of the time I don't want to obey you where my pet sin is involved.  Help me want to obey in this area and in all areas.  I pray in Your, Jesus name.  Amen

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