Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3rd, Psalm 31:11-15

Good morning, I am learning as I go.  Yesterday I found out that I can not copy and past from another site.  So I edited my previous posts and deleted the scriptures that I copied from  I wondered about that but I thought since it was the Bible and I gave them credit, it would be okay but it isn't, so sorry about that.  If you read this, you will have to use your own Bibles to follow along with me. Please Lord, teach me Your Word.  In Your name I pray.

Psalm 31 Verse 11 Yes, sometimes Lord You let others stand aloof or stay away from us when we are going through afflictions.  They want nothing to do with us.  It is okay because some things only we can go through alone.  You, never leave us or forsake us.  You oh Lord bring people in and out of our lives for your reasons.  Lord, how much do I care about people?  I care only about myself, don't I.  Help me care about others, help me die to self and let Your love shine through me because only when I die to self can I love others.  Help me die to self.  Oh Lord help others not see me but see You in me.  To do this I must die.  That is so against what my flesh wants.  It seems to me when I think about it, that my flesh has become such a monster and so hard to fight but it is not a fight to You is it oh Lord of power and might.  You oh Lord can conquer if I will just surrender to You.  Help me surrender to You, help me want that instead of the pleasures of self or sin.

You know, this makes me think of how when we look inward to ourselves, we make ourselves miserable, sometimes we can't sleep, thinking we need to do this or that and we can spend so much time just thinking about ourselves and how we need to fix ourselves and on and on but we can't, we just can not make ourselves measure up no matter what we do BUT if we look up to Him and give it all to HIM, we have peace and freedom and happiness because He can do what we cannot.  Just surrender, Brenda.  I didn't explain it very well.  I just know media, magazines and it seems everyone is always telling us to look inside ourselves and that is not the Truth.  We need to look up and outside ourselves to find the answers and the peace.  I got off the subject but I had to put that in there.  :)

12  I think that if we are dead, dead to self, we will not care if we are forgotten or out of mind or broken because we will be letting you live through us and then we will be healed and happy and joy will fill us, thank you amen.  Also we/I will be thinking of others and not myself and I will be forgiving others and with forgiveness comes healing and with forgiveness the pain leaves.  :)

13  You are every answer.  You are every hope.  You are enough.  You can be trusted.  You are in control of all things no matter what others do to us or say about us, you know these things, help us/me rest in you during them.  Nothing happens to me/us that You did not allow and know about.  Help me trust in Your plan for me that You put in place before the foundation of the world as your Word states.  Your Word is truth and can be trusted forever and ever amen.  Because You are the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end.  You are the creator of all things.  You know all things.  I could go on and on.  Thank you that You can be trusted when not much else can.  Thank you that You are the same today and always.  Thank you that I can come boldly to Your throne of grace because of Jesus.  Thank you that You think of me at all and you know the number of hairs on my head.  Thank you that You knew every choice I would make and when I would make them and You love me still.  :)

14  Yes, I trust in You.  You are my God.  

14  My times and life are in Your hands.  I will always pray that You will deliver me when I need it but I also trust that You will do whatever is best because I trust You and know that You will always do what is best for me.  I say these things but help me live in a way that shows that I trust You and believe You.  Help me to quit saying I all the time, good grief, do I say I enough, brother, how selfish am I?  Help me stop it, please Lord.  I pray these things in Your precious name, Amen.

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