Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8th, Psalm 33:1-11

Psalm 33:1-11

I will read & write on half of Psalm 33 today and the other half tomorrow, this is my plan if the Lord allows.  I wish I could copy and paste the verses but since I can't we will have to use our own bible's to follow along.  Teach me Your Word and help me be a doer instead of just a listener of Your Word.  I love to read and listen to Your Word but I'm not so good at doing Your Word, please help me do it.  

Verse 1:  Be glad in the Lord and rejoice and sing because of it.  Praise is becoming.   You sure don't ever hear that one.  Praise is becoming but it is.  
Psalm 147:1 Also says that praise is becoming.  :)

Verse 2:  Give thanks and sing praise to the Lord with the instruments you play.  

Verse 3:  Sing to Him a new song.  Play skillfully with a shout of joy.  Do all to honor Him which will make me happy and make me want to shout.  

Verse 4:  Your Word is upright.  All of Your work is done in faithfulness.  Yes, You are faithful when we are not faithful and I need to be that way also.  

Lord, You love righteousness and justice.  The earth is full of Your loving kindness.    I need to look around and see all Your loving kindness because it is all around me. 

Verse 6:  By Your word the heavens were made and by the breath of Your mouth all their host came to be.  Wow, Lord You are so awesome and rightly to be praised. Thank you for all You do for us.  

Verse 7:  You gather the waters of the sea together as a heap, You lay up the deeps in storehouses.  You do whatever You want.  You have all power and might and wisdom and You can be trusted with all things.  You are the great creator. 

Verse 8:  Let all the earth fear You.  Let us all stand in awe of You.  Yes, let me and everyone stand in fear of You and in awe of You.  Yes we should.

Verse 9:  You spoke and it was done.  You commanded and it stood fast.  It is the same today as it was yesterday.  You can still speak and it will be done and You can command and it will happen today as it was yesterday.  

Verse 10:  The Lord is sovereign.  His plan will not be thwarted.  The nations and the people may plan but He has the last say.  We/they can devise a plan but if the Lord choses, He will thwart it.  God's plan will not be thwarted.  He is in control.  So make my plans the same as Yours Oh Lord.  Help me want what You want.

Verse 11:  The counsel of the Lord stands forever and ever amen.  Your Word is Your counsel.  Help me read Your Word daily and feast on Your counsel.  Help Jesus which is the Living Word be more important to me than anything else.  Those people who do not have the written Word have the Word in person, Jesus Christ is the living Word.  He made a covenant with us saying that He has written in all of our hearts to know Him so we are without excuse as His Word states.  He did this to help us and because He loves us.  Which is why He does everything.  The plans of Your heart Lord from generation to generation.  That is why it is so important for us to follow You.  How I have failed you, how I have failed my children.  Oh God forgive me, please, help them to forgive me.  Help me to follow You and not just pray about it.  Help me to be responsible, I have been so irresponsible in so many ways.  Help me own up to my responsibilities because when I don't do my responsibilities, it is like asking someone else to do them for me because someone has to do them, if I don't.  Help me own up to and shoulder my responsibilities.  God made me/us to be happiest when I/we am being responsible.  This is His will for me says His Word.  

I want to say that these are my words and thought and what I get out of reading the word.  I do not mean to add to or take away from His Word.  Please don't ever take my word on anything but study and read for yourself His Word.  I pray that when I am wrong, which I am often that He will show me in His Word the Truth so I may correct my thinking.  His Word is Truth and can be trusted.  

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