Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

Can I dare say what is on my mind?
Can I dare say how I am feeling right now?
Will it help anything?  No.
Will it hurt anything?  Maybe.
Can I be open and transparent?  Probably not.

I can tell all things to God because He knows all already.
He is safe.
People on the other hand are not safe and they don't care.
Usually, they don't care very much, maybe a little.
Or they want to care in a way that is easy for them.
In a way that relieves them of feeling guilty.

So since God can help and since He does care, I will tell God.
He knows already that I have been unemployed since November.
He knows already how I feel.
He knows already the plans that He has for me.
He wants me to rely on Him and come to Him because He is my HOPE.
He is my confidant.
He is my rock.
He is the one who knows all things.
He is the one who can be trusted.
He is the one who loves me unconditionally.
He is the one who will not reject me.
He is the one who hold me in the psalm of His hands.
He is the one who knows the future.
He is the one who owns all the cattle on all the fields.
He is the one who moves people & nations.
He is the one in control of ALL things.
He is King, Almighty, Holy, Wonderful, Comforter, Protector, Provider, Father, I AM that I AM, King of Kings, Jesus.
Thank you Lord for your Word!
The Word is a person, Jesus Christ.
I feel so much better now after remembering these things & writing them out.  Good day!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013

At my favorite theater The Royal Theater in Atchison, KS which is good for the introvert or if you like a smaller theaters, the movie "42" is playing at the moment.  I have not seen it yet but I plan to.

A Harrison Ford movie.  Is there a movie with him in it that isn't good?  The movie says it is a true story about Jackie Robinson.

Rated PG 13
Plays at 9:00 and lasts 2 hours & 5 minutes

There are two other movies playing there now:
It is animated.
Rated PG plays at 7:00 runs for 1 hour and 40 minutes

Star Trek Into Darkness
Rated PG 13
Plays at 7:00 & 9:00 runs 2 hours & 10 minutes
Show ends Thursday night.

You can call to get the movies & times (913) 367-0222.  Fast and Furious 6 & Hangover plus others are coming soon.

There is a new restaurant in Atchison, KS called Maria's Mexican Restaurant. My sister and I took my Mom there for Mother's day when we went to the annual Mother's Day flea market. I really liked the food.  The address of the restaurant is 801 Commercial Street, Atchison, KS 66002 (913) 367-5556.

Have a great day!